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Ace in logistics and material handling by partnering with the best pallet supplier in Malaysia. Urban Pallet offers a wide range of high-quality pallets and crates for shipping, storage, and other applications.

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Get your supply chain in order or manage chemicals from spilling during transport with high-quality pallets from a leading pallet supplier Malaysia company. Urban Pallet is a Malaysia-based pallet provider that provides efficient and cost-effective pallet solutions that are aligned to your business needs.

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Retail and business owners are always on the fence when it comes to managing their inventory. They need to make sure that every item is accounted for from the moment they haul these items and deliver them to their respective end clients. Investing in quality pallet solutions from a trusted pallet supplier Malaysia company.

Urban Pallet specializes in logistic services and solutions while focusing on pallet solutions. We provide our clients with top-of-the-line pallets and crates that are used for logistics, storage, material handling, and supply chain management. We provide premium crates and boxes for logistics and shipping and offer them to our clients at affordable rates. Our clientele ranges from logistic and moving companies to mining and oil, art enthusiasts, wholesalers and retailers, and other businesses that require storage and pallet applications. Our pallets are made from durable and made-to-last materials that can hold materials that are heavy and bulky. They are also made to withstand harsh job site environments and weather conditions. 

Our up-to-date line of pallets and crates are sourced from trusted manufacturers and makers and can be used for various logistics and shipping applications. We provide a whole range of pallet solutions including wooden pallets, custom pallets, plastic pallets, export pallets, loading pallets, reversible pallets, 2-way pallets, 4-way pallets, wooden crates, and wood boxes.

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