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Ace in logistics and material handling by partnering with the best pallet supplier in Malaysia. Urban Pallet offers a wide range of high-quality pallets and crates for shipping, storage, and other applications.

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Urban Pallet is your trusted pallet supplier Malaysia provider that offers reliable and affordable pallet solutions for businesses and various industries. We aim to be of service to clients who are looking for a trusted partner that can provide them with exceptional and efficient pallet solutions that are aligned to their business needs.

Our History

Urban Pallet started as a small business with a few clients on hand which were mostly locals. Soon, we are able to make our mark in the industry and widen our business reach and garner more business prospects. We updated our inventory and partnered with more suppliers so we can meet the needs of our partners and customers.

Today, we are one of the trusted pallets solutions company in the country, serving business from various industries like export and import, logistics and shipping, moving companies, pharmaceuticals, oil and mining, and more.

Our Vision & Philosophies

Our company operates not just to earn our keeps; we make sure that we provide our clients with the best service that they deserve. And we are able to do that by following a set of values that we incorporate into our business operations


Meeting the needs of our clients is above everything else. We determine their needs and provide them with pallet solutions that are aligned with their requirements and their operating budget.

Honesty & Accountability

Every business decision and move we make is based on facts and we provide factual information to our clients, partners, stakeholders, etc., as long as they are within the bounds of law.


We keep ourselves abreast on the latest pallet products and solutions that would enhance their supply chain operations.


We value the safety and security of our staff, employees, partners, and employees. We make sure that our pallets and crates are safe to use.

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