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Ace in logistics and material handling by partnering with the best pallet supplier in Malaysia. Urban Pallet offers a wide range of high-quality pallets and crates for shipping, storage, and other applications.

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Pallet Shah Alam

Heavy equipment or any other machinery that is not used must be stored properly. But you don’t just leave it for storage just like that. You need to dismantle them and place them on appropriate material handling cases from your trusted pallet supplier Shah Alam company.

Urban Pallet is your reliable pallet provider in Malaysia that offers efficient and affordable pallet solutions and products to clients. We aim to provide our clients with exceptional pallets and crates to help with their business logistics and material handling.

Trusted Pallet Supplier in Shah Alam

Storing equipment is not just about putting them inside a crate. There is a systemic way of doing such and you need to have the right kind of material handling equipment to get the job done. This is where Urban Pallet can be of assistance to you.

Our inventory is composed of the latest pallet and stacking products in the industry including wooden pallets, plastic pallets, 2 way pallets, 4 way pallets, loading pallets, wood crates, custom pallets, and more.

Exceptional Pallet Products in Malaysia

Urban Pallet has been operating for years and we strive to provide our clients with the best pallet solutions that are aligned with their logistics and material handling requirements. We determine your pallet needs and offer recommendations that are suitable for your business and your operational budget.

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Phone us today and learn more about our palleting solutions. Get in touch with us by completing our online contact form. We provide service in areas of Shah Alam, Selangor, KL, Batu Caves, Klang, and more.

Pallet Supplier Shah Alam